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Handcrafted from Start to Finish

straw bag unalome production process
Unalome bags are handcrafted from the highest quality toquilla straw. Indigenous to Ecuador, this renewable and biodegradable material is one of the country's most valuable local resources. After the plant is harvested, it's hand-striped, trimmed, and bundled into manageable batches.
straw bag unalome production process
Each batch of straw is then carefully boiled by hand and hung to dry.
straw bag unalome production process

For bags with color, the dried toquilla threads are meticulously dyed by hand in small batches of boiling water and dried for a second time. 
straw bag unalome production process
Where the magic ha
ppens! A single Unalome bag is born over the course of up to 5 days of intricate handwork - a valuable skill that's passed down from mother to daughter over generations.