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Our role models are women who embody authenticity and we're passionate about celebrating the unique, personal power of the feminine. This is why we create vibrant handbags, each handcrafted by female artisans in Ecuador using their locally sourced and hand-dyed toquilla straw. We're here to inspire your individuality, because we believe authentic self-expression is a superpower.

Unalome Bag

* HANDBAGS * We make handbags for the authentic, self-actualized young woman. We value quality craftsmanship and originality in design, which is why our bags are individually handcrafted by female artisans in Ecuador, using locally sourced and hand-dyed toquilla straw.

* CHRONICLES * Inside the life of female role models. We share weekly interviews with real women living their most authentic life.

* OUR NAME * The Sanskrit Unalome (ooo-nah-low-may) symbol represents the path towards your most authentic self through self-discovery over time. Every day, we take risks, learn from inevitable errors and milk life to its fullest potential. And over the course of this journey, we get closer and closer to our true nature. This crazy ride, unique to you, is exactly what the Unalome symbol represents.