Unalome Chronicles

Unalome Chronicles interview with Nicole Glantz, Writer

Nicole Glantz, Writer

Nicole has been living her dream as a Writer's Assistant on top TV shows in Hollywood and spends most of her free working on original scripts of her own. Driven by her obsession for writing, she’s worked hard to get to where she is today.

Unalome Chronicles interview with Sky Cowans, Health & Wellness Digital Producer

Sky Cowans, Health & Wellness Digital Producer

Sky's passion for yoga and meditation lead her to discover her mission: "to educate, empower, and inspire others to live their healthiest, happiest, most vibrant lives." Currently, she achieves this goal by covering a wide range of health and wellness topics through digital media production.
unalome chronicles interview hunter daily, singer-songwriter & actor

Hunter Daily, Singer-Songwriter & Actor

Growing up in the Hollywood Hills surrounded by friends and family in the entertainment industry, it's no surprise Hunter turned out to be a talented Singer-Songwriter and Actor herself. 
lily mercer interview

Lily Mercer, Esthetician

Lily landed her dream job as an Esthetician at her favorite spa in Toronto after triumphing over years of problem skin.

Unalome Chronicles interview with Alessandra Torresani, Actor

Alessandra Torresani, Actor

Singing and dancing her way out of the womb, Alessandra's made her passions her career, starring on big name TV shows like CapricaHusbands and The Big Bang Theory. And as a hardcore puppy-lover, she even launched her own pet accessory line, Some Like It Dot