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Chloë Drimal, Founder of Yoni Circle - Connecting Womxn through Story

Chloë Drimal, Founder of Yoni Circle - Connecting Womxn through Story
Yoni Circle was born out of Chloë’s mission to empower and connect womxn* through story. Her drive and entrepreneurial spirit is what keeps this intimate community of women growing, while continuing to have such a profound impact on it’s members. (*Womxn: a more inclusive spelling of “woman” that sheds light on prejudice, discrimination, and institutional barriers of all who identify as a “woman.”)

Bahar Tabatabai, Yogi & Wellness Entrepreneur

Unalome Chronicles interview with Bahar Tabatabai, Yogi & Wellness Entrepreneur

Over the course of switching career path four times, what always remained constant for Bahar was her yoga practice. Under her nose all the while, Bahar courageously made a commitment to pursue a career in yoga and wellness full-time. Launching Vikasa Wellness this year, Bahar is on her way to building a wellness brand to give back to the world the inner alignment that it gave her.

Bianca Greene, Mixed-Media Artist

Unalome Chronicles interview with Bianca Greene, Mixed-Media Artist

Bianca Greene is a mixed-media artist from LA who's journey of self-discovery informs her work. She creates beautiful wooden boards inlaid with sacred crystals for your home.

Mary Keane Arenson, Women's Community Curator at The Assembly

Unalome Chronicles interview with Mary Keane Arenson, Women's Community Curator
Mary found her dream job while inspiring her community as the Head of Partnerships at The Assembly, a female-driven co-working community for women in San Francisco.

Brittany Alwerud, Serial Entrepreneur

Unalome Chronicles interview with Brittany Alwerud, Serial Entrepreneur
Natural born entrepreneur, Brittany Alwerud, turned her part-time college dog-walking gig into a 20-person business that essentially runs itself. Inspired by books like E-Myth Mastery and The Four-Hour Workweek, she created her very own on-demand platform and app called Handlr, that helps small businesses scale and run without much effort. Brittany's entrepreneurial spirit and savvy business sense has allowed her to create two successful businesses, travel to over 25 countries, and work from the comfort of her rustic Touanga pad in LA - home to two horses, a donkey, three dogs and a cat.

Elise Mesner, Cross-Media Artist & Director

Unalome Chronicles interview with Elise Mesner, Cross-Media Artist & Director

"Surround yourself with it. Be it. Put yourself there, before you’re even there, manifest.” Elise Mesner proves that when you make that unabashed choice to pursue your passions, life falls right into place. Based in Silver Lake, CA, Elise wears many creative hats as a Mixed-Media Artist, Film Director and Creative Director. 

Nichole Bloom, Actor & Writer

Unalome Chronicles interview with Nichole Bloom, Actor & Writer
Starting at a young age, Nichole never stopped pursuing her passion for acting and writing. It's her hard work and dedication to her craft that landed her a leading role on NBC's sitcom, Superstore (currently in it's 4th season!) and projects such as her original show, "Nice Girls,which went from the UCB stage to a mini series with Funny or Die.