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bahar tabatabai interview

Bahar Tabatabai, Yogi & Wellness Entrepreneur

Over the course of switching career path four times, what always remained constant for Bahar was her yoga practice. Under her nose all the while, Bahar courageously made a commitment to pursue a career in yoga and wellness full-time. Launching Vikasa Wellness this year, Bahar is on her way to building a wellness brand to give back to the world the inner alignment that it gave her.

Unalome Chronicles interview with Sky Cowans, Health & Wellness Digital Producer

Sky Cowans, Health & Wellness Digital Producer

Sky's passion for yoga and meditation lead her to discover her mission: "to educate, empower, and inspire others to live their healthiest, happiest, most vibrant lives." Currently, she achieves this goal by covering a wide range of health and wellness topics through digital media production.