Unalome Chronicles

katelyn macmullen interview

Katelyn MacMullen, Actor

Katey first began acting and modeling as a kid to help her come out of her shell, which ended up becoming something she really loved to do. Now, with a leading role on the ABC show General Hospital, she get's to call her favorite hobby her career. Goals!

unalome chronicles interview hunter daily, singer-songwriter & actor

Hunter Daily, Singer-Songwriter & Actor

Growing up in the Hollywood Hills surrounded by friends and family in the entertainment industry, it's no surprise Hunter turned out to be a talented Singer-Songwriter and Actor herself. 
Unalome Chronicles interview with Nichole Bloom, Actor & Writer

Nichole Bloom, Actor & Writer

Starting at a young age, Nichole never stopped pursuing her passion for acting and writing. It's her hard work and dedication to her craft that landed her a leading role on NBC's sitcom, Superstore (currently in it's 4th season!) and projects such as her original show, "Nice Girls,which went from the UCB stage to a mini series with Funny or Die.
Unalome Chronicles interview with Alessandra Torresani, Actor

Alessandra Torresani, Actor

Singing and dancing her way out of the womb, Alessandra's made her passions her career, starring on big name TV shows like CapricaHusbands and The Big Bang Theory. And as a hardcore puppy-lover, she even launched her own pet accessory line, Some Like It Dot